What is an ECig Kit?

An ECig Kit is an electronic cigarette kit which consists of an electronic cigarette (ecig), a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and usually an e-liquid.

Some kits vary containing extra items such as:
* A Case
* Extra batteries or longer life rechargeable batteries
* E-Liquids - usually you can choose your flavours of strengths
* Extra tanks or larger tanks - these allow for more liquid to be added so it saves you keep refilling up as quickly
* A lanyard - meaning that you can put the ecig around your neck or just hold to make sure you do not lose it
* A mains charger - so if you do not have excess to a computer you can charge your ecig this is a great when you either do not have a laptop or computer, lack easy access to a computer or laptop, or off traveling or going on holiday.

If you purchase an electronic ecig kit without some of these extra items in the kit you can always buy these as add ons as and when you need them. Some of these items might be essential to you, whilst some of these items might not be beneficial for you.